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From the Song Writing Process to Healing Through Music

 - Sep 27, 2013
This collection of speeches on music provides fascinating stories, lessons and advice from people from every corner of the music industry. From the future of music production to the healing power of songs, the subject of music is thoroughly explored, and from fascinating perspectives.

Robert Gupta, a man extremely passionate about music and helping others, created 'Street Symphony.' The organization plays music for people in jail, hospital patients and people suffering from mental illness. Playing music for these people not only fulfills Gupta, but also inspires his audiences, enabling them to experience something beautiful.

Jeff Chang's speech highlights the ways rap music can serve as a learning tool as it represents monumental historical moments in politics, society and culture. He explains how hip hop has evolved into a type of lifestyle that can be recognized in multiple areas of life and the world.

Kirby Ferguson suggests no song is original because every song is essentially a remix of one that existed before. This then leads the larger message of his speech -- no idea is original, as all ideas fuel further ideas.

These speeches on music offer a comprehensive discussion on the topic in many aspects.