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The Benjamin Zander Classical Music Keynote is Truly Engaging

 - Sep 11, 2012
References: benjaminzander & youtube
The Benjamin Zander classical music keynote speaks about passion and experiencing new things through a love for classical music. Zander delivers his speech with a certain integrity, humor and enthusiasm.

He reminds the audience that a leader cannot doubt the capacity of the people he is leading; a leader must believe that they too will become passionate about that dream. A leader must have absolute confidence that the people they are teaching will fall in love with what they're saying. These are very wise and useful thoughts to remember when in a leadership role.

He ties this back to classical music by playing music and humorously asking the audience what they're thinking about while they listen. He then goes into a deep story about a boy who heard him play and how he was reminded of his brother. Zander realized then that classical music was for everyone. It is clear that everyone in the audience is engaged and interested in both Zander and the music he plays.

The power of Zander's passion for classical music translates to the audience and proves his point on how being a passionate leader will engage an audience.