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This Jose Bowen Keynote Tracks the History of Music Since the Piano

 - May 15, 2012
References: josebowen & youtube
In this Jose Bowen keynote, the musician explores how technology has shaped the history of music and the way its delivery has transformed over time. He begins his speech with the analogy that Beethoven is Bill Gates, having ushered in technology that entirely transformed the way music was made, experienced and enjoyed.

He then takes the audience back to the 18th century, a time during which people could only experience music if they were hearing it live; there was always a social interaction involved. He then breaks down what he refers to as the three 'disruptions' that changed music. The first was music printing and the piano, which allowed music to be mass produced and enjoyed in a variety of settings. The second was the gramophone, player piano and radio, which integrated music into the lives of people. The latest disruption is represented in the iPod, the Internet and Digital files, which allowed music to be enjoyed in a multitude of ways and shared boundlessly.