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Jessica Grahn's Effects of Music Talk Discusses the Mozart Effect

 - Aug 30, 2013
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Speaker Jessica Grahn highlights the benefits of listening to Mozart in this effects of music talk. Grahn claims that listening to classical music, like Mozart, can actually make people smarter. This is known as 'The Mozart Effect.'

Grahn points out that there is definitely a market for products that try to improve brain function. She says that even games like crosswords and Sudoku are designed to exercise the human brain. Grahn says that products that claim to improve brain function in children are especially popular.

Grahn states that music can improve one's mood, and stimulate brain activity. Mozart's music has a particularly interesting effect on the brain. Grahn explains that the enjoyment that people feel while listening to Mozart drives all of the effects that follow.

While Grahn says that Mozart doesn't actually change the brain, it enhances an individual's mood, which improves energy levels and overall performance.