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From the Truth About Food Shortages to the Hidden Benefits of Chocolate

 - Jul 23, 2015
These speeches on food cover everything from world issues like food security to local communities and co-operatives. The environment is an important topic here, especially in the context of food shortages and sustainability. The talks also run the gamut from child obesity to dieting.

In a talk given by Charles, Prince of Wales, the heir apparent to the throne of England discusses responsible food consumption. The future of food keynote like the production of food to economic issues, stressing the importance of feeding future generations, green energy and ecosystem resilience.

Another world leader, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama talks about the epidemic of childhood obesity in another of the speeches on food. Her nutritional speech emphasizes healthy families and affordable exercise.

Alisa Anokhina analyzes the psychology of dieting in her health presentation. The speaker suggests forming habits around preference instead of suppressing and denying oneself.