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From Letting Ideas Flourish to How to Spot a Good Idea

 - May 14, 2013
These keynotes discuss everything falling under the umbrella of the science of ideas -- how ideas are formulated, the best environment for coming up with ideas, the best ways to spread ideas, how to spot a good idea and how to transform ideas into action.

Kevin Starr's ideas keynote is very straightforward. Starr reviews the important boxes to check off before pursuing an idea. While many interpret these as obvious, Starr suggests that they are too often overlooked, resulting in a surplus of bad ideas. He encourages his audience to ask themselves if their idea is actually something someone in the world needs, and secondly, if they can deliver a product or service that is functional.

CEO and Founder of Behance Scott Belsky offers tips for how businesses can push through the period he calls "project plateau" after the excitement and energy of a new idea begin to fade. His solution is the "creation compromise." In order for ideas to be fully executed and seen through, it is important for entrepreneurs, designers and artists to discipline themselves to not be distracted by other new ideas until the project at hand is completed.

This collection of talks additionally features various creativity keynote speeches and presentations on the benefits of diverse thinking within a company.