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Rilla Alexander Takes Action During This Capturing Creativity Keynote

 - May 11, 2013
References: 99u
Rilla Alexander defines the classic creative struggle and how she deals with it during this capturing creativity keynote. She talks about the tribulations most people go through while trying to take their ideas and make them reality.

This original talk focuses on realizing the potential of your thoughts and getting to work on making them everything they can be. This inspiring capturing creativity keynote discusses the idea process as a science. Rilla Alexander highlights the importance of setting deadlines and brain storming with others. She also spends the appropriate amount of time daydreaming and coming up with new ideas which she uses to build on her existing thoughts.

This capturing creativity keynote sheds light on tedious idea process from conception through completion. Rilla Alexander admits that while in the process of developing a creative idea it is crucial to move from one idea to another and explore every avenue in-between. Above all else, Alexander tells people to stick with it and work through problems as they arise. The most insightful information she shares is when she reminds people that the things they think will take a day actually take a week and without starting somewhere there can be no end.