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From the Information Diet to the Weight of Data

 - Oct 25, 2014
This collection of presentations on big data examines the benefits of today's overload of information as well as the concerns it represents for many people.

For those in favor of big data -- like speakers David Weinberger, David Eaves and Joel Selanikio -- believe that its mass collection and storage facilitates more efficient and effective processes when it comes to health and medicine. The transition to digital enables doctors and patients to easily access their records as well as prescriptions and referrals.

Those against big data -- like Jennifer Golbeck and Christian and Rudder -- believe that certain groups manipulate the data to serve their needs. Golbeck, for example, argues that scientists and researchers can easily manipulate or skew information and data to support claims and studies.

Whether you're a supporter of big data or you prioritize total privacy, these presentations offer an array of perspectives.