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From Monitoring Online Activity to Reputation & New Opportunities

 - Sep 20, 2013
Managing one's reputation is increasingly difficult in today's digitally dominated environment, but this collection of personal branding strategies offers tips for navigating this new world.

One of the biggest challenges people face is status anxiety. Constant updates and busy newsfeeds mean you always know what your peers are up to, and oftentimes, their accomplishments and successes can make you feel as if yours pale in comparison. Speaker Francesca Gino warns how this type of access to information can negatively affect the level of confidence someone has in his or her personal image. Her advice is to distance oneself as much as possible from peer comparisons in the workplace.

Dorie Clark argues that people have the power to create the personal brand they want by closing the gap on how they want people to perceive them and how they actually do.

David Rose suggests that anyone can create and promote a personal brand today thanks to social networks like Quora and Twitter. He believes that no time is better than now to start pushing your personal brand because companies are becoming less and less relevant.