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These Speeches Discuss the New Role of the Consumer

 - Jul 5, 2013
The new role of the consumer is explored in this collection of speeches. There is an extremely long list of factors that have transformed this role into it what it is today. From social media to online shopping and even 3D printing, the things that have led to today's new consumer are truly fascinating.

The idea that 3D printing ushered in a new type of consumer is particularly interesting because it actually takes the seller out of the entire equation. 3D printing enables people to design and produce their own products, increasing consumer efficiency and decreasing the need for retailers. The speech by Peter Weijmarshause is revolutionizing the relationship between products, creators and consumers and allowing for unique experiences.

Social media is also drastically changing the new role of the consumer. Bruce Philp argues that social media platforms -- Twitter, Facebook and blogging -- introduces a new medium of communication between businesses and consumers. Social media enables shoppers to make businesses more accountable and also encourages more transparency on the part of brands.

Smartphones have created an entirely new space on which consumers expect to be able to interact with their favorite brands and shop. Don Meij of Domino's Pizza believes that mobile apps should only be created if they can actually provide a useful service for consumers.