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From Dismantling Dangerous Taboos to Testing for Psychopaths

 - May 9, 2013
Mental health and mental well-being can oftentimes be a topic of conversation that many people prefer to avoid, but these mental illness speeches do just the opposite. It is no secret that a large portion of today's population suffers from at least one type of mental illness or mental disease, and for this very reason, it is so important that conversations about it be had. These speeches offer statistics, personal anecdotes and inspiring stories that highlight the importance of society becoming more open and accepting of mental illness.

JD Schramm is a business and communications professor at Stanford's Graduate School of Business and his speech focuses on the negative impacts of society's perceptions and opinions on suicide. That no one wants to ever talk about it openly only puts those at risk of committing suicide in even more danger, leaving them feeling more isolated and alone. He feels the same way about addiction and depression.

The underlying theme of these mental illness speeches is that society needs to take a more open and accepting approach as it is becoming an issue affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world.