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From Workplace Gender Gaps to Social Media and Gender

 - May 9, 2013
This collection of speeches addresses a variety of issues surrounding gender such as gender in the workplace, gender and health, gender stereotypes and social media and gender. Hearing from a wide range of professionals, specialists and experts, these speeches offer a contemporary dialogue on how gender issues have evolved and where this topic stands in society today.

One of the most fascinating speeches comes from Johanna Blakely. Blakely is a a researcher for the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism and her speech focuses on how social media is dismantling genders entirely. As more and more people continue to make the digital shift, there is more opportunity for people to connect through things like interests, hobbies, passions -- not just gender.

John Hagel discusses how the "masculine archetype" still exists in particular industries like IT. He explains how this male archetype of men who act more aggressively and intensely is the perceived path to success in places like Silicon Valley. Women feel that they have to adopt these behaviors in order to succeed.