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From Manipulating Personal Data to the Web Future

 - Apr 9, 2014
When it comes to the Internet and privacy, people hold many different opinions. Some are of the thought that if one is using a social service online, they have to accept that some of their personal information can be accessed by strangers; other argue that users should be able to use the Internet freely without having to stress about having their activity and information monitored. These curated speeches address these issues, offering perspectives that support both sides of the topic.

Google's Larry Page believes that people can benefit in ways they never imagined by having their personal information available online; he sees huge potential in medicine and health. Proving that the information is controlled to be used exclusively for medical research, doctors and patients can learn so much by being able to compare symptoms, treatment and research.

Gary Kovacs believes that being able to track someone's behavior online is the equivalent to stalking someone. Websites are taking people's information from certain profiles and are using it to create accounts on different sites. He believes people should be able to access their preferred sites without needing to stress over having their activity tracked.

Christopher Poole suggests that an environment in which there are no rules and no true identities, people can truly voice their opinions and freedom of speech can be realized.

These opinions on the Internet and privacy are interesting to consider as society and all of its members' interactions are becoming more and more mobile.