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From Status Updates to Mobile Marketing

 - Mar 14, 2013
These curated keynotes discuss the evolution of social media. Since its emergence via the creation of things like Twitter and Facebook that provided (and still do) an arena in which people could connect with friends and post status updates, these platforms and many new ones have transformed the way information is shared, business is conducted and people connect. From mobile marketing to crowdsourced medical sources, social media has extended into a wide range of industries.

Pete Cashmore, the CEO of Mashable, explains how social media promotes democracy and freedom in oppressed societies. Apps like Twitter have enabled people to organize in Egypt during its most recent revolution.

Marc Benioff's speeches illustrate how social media transforms the actual role and buying power of consumers. Consumers are not only influencing the direction in which brands go, but they are also becoming more empowered, having their demands and needs met. There is a new level of transparency and accountability now because of the use of social networks.