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From Ideal Teaching Environments to How to Create Change

 - Apr 25, 2014
This collection of empowering speeches offers inspiration, motivation and optimism for a variety of people in different fields. Featuring some very well-known faces and some working behind the scenes, these speeches discuss the many ways individuals in various industries are empowering those around them. People are capable of so much, but they often lack the necessary resources or confidence to move forward.

One of the most interesting talks comes to us from a woman named Amy Cuddy, a business professor and body language expert. Her speech applies to anyone in any field. The concept is simple; by creating a more open and forward-facing body stance when talking to someone or presenting to a group of people, individuals can become more confident in themselves. Even if someone is particularly nervous or uncomfortable, the position can help you feel more powerful and will let others know you are not insecure.

Elaine Hamel's keynotes talks about the camp she organized for young girls at which they learn how to build things using tools typically reserved for handymen and carpenters. The purpose of the camp's project is not necessarily to have them know how to use a screwdriver, but to empower them in areas they never imagined possible.

Jonathan Macdonald focuses on the empowering potentials of social media and technology. He believes that we have only scratched the surface with what social networks will be able to accomplish in terms of citizen empowerment and decentralization.

These empowerment speeches offer optimistic perspectives for a wide ranging group of people.