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These Brand Vision Speeches Emphasize Focus

 - Jul 4, 2013
As this collection of speeches demonstrates, having a clearly defined brand vision is very important in today's chaotic and competitive market. A clear brand vision helps foster the right type of innovation and drive a team's actions and decisions. These speeches highlight a number of brands and leaders who have succeeded in determining their vision and consistently sticking to it.

Steve Jobs is perhaps one of the most innovative individuals to have ever lived and a larger number of people attribute his success and the success of Apple to his vision of where he wanted to take the brand and the design of technology. His dedication to creating nothing but a perfect product is proof that diligently sticking to a vision will generate success and innovative results in the end.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche believes that innovation occurs when there is a clear focus on what is important to the consumer. A clear vision of this can drive innovation in an extremely powerful way.

Journalist Jane Pratt believes that success in online publishing is directly related to staying true to a goal or vision. Website formatting, coding and SEO strategy don't matter if the vision is strong and a team is committed to it.