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These Acceptance Speeches Discuss Self-Respect and Value

 - Jun 14, 2013
These acceptance speeches demonstrate why embracing you are as a person -- including your "imperfections" or "flaws" -- isn't always a bad thing. As the speakers featured here explain, self-acceptance is often the first step in changing or reaching goals. While it can be challenging to accept oneself as she or her is due to messages from the media and society, it is important to try.

Brene Brown's keynote discusses shame and why individuals actually require to experience throughout lives to create authentic human connections. Many associate shame with negative feelings or thoughts, but experiencing shame actually leads to people becoming more open-minded and empathetic.

Andrew Solomon explains how there are three levels of acceptance one should strive for in life: self acceptance, family acceptance and social acceptance. Once cannot reach a desirable level of life fulfillment until these three things are achieved.