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Brene Brown’s Social Connection Keynote Shows How Shame is Needed

 - Jun 9, 2013
References: brenebrown & youtube
Being able to establish an emotional connection between people is an integral part of human existence, which Brené Brown discusses in her social connection keynote.

Individuals in society require a kinship. The capacity to have an emotional line with another individual is integral for human survival. Shame is a built-in structure within the human psyche that allots people the capability to formulate the human connections according to Brown in her social connection keynote. For this type of connection to take place it requires individuals to be open-minded to emotional repercussions that could take place.

There’s a fundamental difference between individuals who struggle for love and belonging and people who have a sense for it. Brown cites that individuals who have a sense of it, believed they were also worthy of it. It requires the "courage to be imperfect."