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Nassim Nicholas Taleb's Acknowledging Limitations Speech Explores Uncertainty

 - Jun 13, 2012
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In this acknowledging limitations speech by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who is a mathematician, philosopher and hedge-fund manager, the presenter discusses the importance of realizing one's shortcomings.

He explains that one should never stop learning and exploring and that the true value in one's library exists not in the books they have read many times over, but rather, in the books they have yet to read.

Human beings tend to focus on the skills and knowledge that they have already acquired rather than embracing what they do not know and using that acknowledgement as motivation to expand their potential.

Taleb demonstrates that there is wisdom in accepting that one's bank of knowledge is never absolute in this acknowledging limitations speech, and he showcases that the potential to unlock future success stems from openly saying that one simply does not know all of the answers.