This Infographic Shows How Millennials Transform the Work Environment

By: Misel Saban - Jan 9, 2016
References: officevibe & designtaxi
It is no surprise that Millennials are shaping the way workplaces are run, as they become the dominant demographic present in the work environment. In order to showcase how Millennial mentality has shaped and will continue to transition how work is accomplished, OfficeVibe put together an infographic dubbed 'The Top 10 Trends that Will Change the Way We Work' for workers and employees to understand the change.

'The Top 10 Trends that Will Change the Way We Work' chart is a helpful read for brands and companies that will have a Millennial employee majority to understand how they work best. The chart highlights working remotely, flexible schedules, employee diversity and a balanced lifestyle as top priorities for Millennials that will begin to take shape in companies across 2016.