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Meghan Young
Toronto, Canada
1. Meghan Young
Meghan is a Toronto native with a passion for writing. A graduate from the University of Toronto, she has since worked for numerous publications including the Women's Post, ELLE Canada and [Full Bio]

Top 100 Travel Trends of 2014 - From Mile High Accommodations to Naked Handstander Portraits
Top 100 Tech Trends of 2014 - From Hi-Tech Tattoos to People-Tracking Lamps
Top 100 DIY Trends in 2014 - DIY Geometric Paper Masks to DIY Dry Shampoos
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• 24255 Published

Amelia Roblin
Contributing Editor
Toronto, Ontario
2. Amelia Roblin
I started writing for Trend Hunter as an opportunity to discover the contemporary designers I'd learned little about in my history-based degree at the University of Toronto. By my third article I... [Full Bio]

Social Street Signage - The Breakfast NY Points Sign Has a Dynamic Display for Modern Wayfinding
Abode Bus Shelters - The Bench House Series Embraces Sitters in Homey Roadside Refuges
Dextrous Ambulation Aids - The PARTNIKU Walker is Dynamic, Adjustable and Includes Storage Space

Personal Site:
• 9096 Trends
• 9002 Published

Michael Hines
Contributing Editor
San Francisco
• 8312 Trends
• 8045 Published

Jana Pijak

Toronto, Ontario
4. Jana Pijak
I am originally from former Yugoslavia. I have a background in interior design and a love for fashion, media and popular culture. My interests lie in art direction, photography and editorial work.... [Full Bio]

Top 100 Bizarre Trends of 2014 - From Taxidermy-Themed Weddings to Inflatable Fish Fashions
Top 100 Fashion Trends of 2014 - From Nostalgic 90s Streetwear to Luxe Athleticwear Runways
Top 100 Fashion Photography Trends of 2014 - From Avant-Garde Editorials to Candid Model Closeups

Personal Site: thebrunettesfashion
• 7479 Trends
• 7238 Published

Laura McQuarrie
Contributing Editor
5. Laura McQuarrie
Laura is an Editor for Trend Hunter with a background in branding, social media and design, combining her sharp eye for aesthetics with a powerful understanding of communication in its many forms.... [Full Bio]

Eggnog-Flavored Marshmallows - This Marshmallow Recipe Turns a Winter Essential into a Festive Treat
Festive Multi-Screen Ads - Samsung's Holiday Dreams is Told Through Many Mobile Devices
Cozy Pop-Up Shops - Target Curates a Festive Holiday Pop-Up Shop with STORY

Personal Site: lauramcquarrie
• 6204 Trends
• 6140 Published

Bianca Bartz
Marketing & Events Director at
Vancouver, Canada
6. Bianca Bartz
Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Bianca fell in love with business at a young age and formed a strong interest in entrepreneurship. She joined the startup world in 2007 when she became the... [Full Bio]

Makeup-Free Photography Studios - RAW Beauty Talks Photographs Real Women Without Makeup or Editing
Adventure Philanthropy Platforms - 'Climb For Change' Lets You Crowdfund Your Excursion
Crowdfunding Apps - SellanApp Lets Anyone Gain Funding and Connect with Developers

Personal Site: biancabartz
• 5224 Trends
• 4964 Published

Marissa Brassfield
Ridiculously Efficient CEO
San Diego, CA
7. Marissa Brassfield
Marissa Brassfield is a productivity expert, high-performance author and communication efficiency specialist. She holds efficiency workshops to supercharge teams in large to medium-sized businesses.... [Full Bio]

Undressed Headwear Lookbooks - The Maison Michel Autumn/Winter Campaign With Sasha Pivovarova
Real-Life Cartoon Snacks - Comedy Central and Frito-Lay Will Manufacture South Park Cheesy Poofs
Tropical Pop-Up Shops - Havaianas Mercado Store Brings Brazil to Los Angeles

Personal Site: ridiculouslyefficient
• 4769 Trends
• 4697 Published

Vasiliki Marapas
Contributing Editor
8. Vasiliki Marapas
I'm a recent graduate of the University of Toronto in English Literature, Sociology and Sexual Diversity Studies. My studies have helped to develop my interests in people, pop culture and social... [Full Bio]

Christmas Coffee Cocktails - This Festive Cocktail Will Keep You Awake
Coconut Vanilla Bellinis - This Holiday Beverage is Both Glamorous and Hydrating
Pomegranate Christmas Cocktails - This Christmas Cocktail Recipe Features an Earthy Taste
• 3573 Trends
• 3503 Published

Matt Ho
Contributing Editor
• 3632 Trends
• 3473 Published

Tana Makmanee
Research Advisor at Trend Hunter
Toronto, ON
10. Tana Makmanee
A graduate from the University of Toronto, I've learned that you really have to go after what you love to do, not what people 'think' you should do. I love to spend time with friends and family and... [Full Bio]

Stylishly Lightweight Headphones - Wicked Audio offers music lovers a durable way to listen to music
14 Frozen Meal Options - From Frozen Pizza Strips to Upscale Frozen Meals
Festive Couple Costumes - The Pinata and Birthday Boy Costume is Fun and Full of Candy

Personal Site: trendhunter
• 3495 Trends
• 3418 Published

Alyson Wyers
Contributing Editor
11. Alyson Wyers
I started with the Trend Hunter team as a Journalism/Social Media Intern in July 2013. In my current role as a Contributing Editor I get to pursue my passion for writing and find innovative ideas on... [Full Bio]

Top 65 Education Trends of 2014 - From Internet Education Buses to Eco-Conscious Cone Campaigns
Top 100 Food Trends of 2014 - From Augmented Reality Snack Boxes to Pumpkin S'more Desserts
Top 100 Luxury Trends of 2014 - From Poolside Champagne Bars to Glamorously Bejeweled Editorials

Personal Site: trendhunter
• 3443 Trends
• 3406 Published

Misel Saban
Contributing Editor
13. Misel Saban
Misel Saban is a Toronto native working as a dynamic self-starter Public Relations Specialist and Editor for Trend Hunter. She recently graduated York University with a double major in English... [Full Bio]

Replica Superhero Cowls - This Batman Mask is a Life-Size Replica That Lights Up
Stitched State Ornaments - These DIY Holiday Decorations are Shaped Like the American States
Bohemian Countryside Editorials - Caroline Winberg Poses in Chic Gardens For Marie Claire Italia

Personal Site:
• 3179 Trends
• 3040 Published

Katherine Vong
Contributing Editor
Toronto, Canada
14. Katherine Vong
Hello! I'm originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but I now live in California and am pursuing my MBA degree at UCLA Anderson. I have a marketing background and a passion for editing and media and have... [Full Bio]

Accessible Child Health Records - MotherKnows Provides Parents With Kids' Medical Records Anytime
Pleasant Do-Good Microsites - Energizer PositiveLand Demonstrates Brand's Social Commitment
Virtual Map Car Hunts - BMW 'Signposts' Campaign Has Swedes Looking for a Hidden BMW 3 Series
• 3047 Trends
• 2963 Published

Going Like Sixty

Costa Rica
15. Going Like Sixty
Mark Van Patten is Going Like Sixty. I'm baby boomer man who turned 60 in late 2007. Boomer born in 1947 for search engine optimization. I retired from the newspaper business July 1, 2011.... [Full Bio]

Multi-Lingual Social Media - Crashes Language Barriers
Silky Fair Frocks - Shabby Apple Boutique Releases Green Leaf Line Using Vintage-Inspired Photos
Plus Size Magazine Covers - The Vogue Italia Full-Figured Cover is a Welcome Surprise

Personal Site: goinglikesixty
• 3589 Trends
• 2891 Published

Gil Haddi
Research Expert
Toronto, Ontario
16. Gil Haddi
A graduate from the University of Western Ontario with a BA in Anthropology, I learned how to balance my time and deal with high pressure situations. Along with writing essays I participated in a... [Full Bio]

Comical Critter Call Videos - Ylvis Goes on a Quest to Answer "What Does the Fox Say?"
Bamboo-Branch Glassware - Hirota Glass Shop Designs Naturally Elegant Glass Vessels
Swirled Cream Lighting - The Chantilly Cone-Shaped Lamp Shade Looks Like a Soft Serve Sweet

Personal Site: trendhunter
• 2893 Trends
• 2827 Published

Jamie Danielle Munro
Co-Founder of Couple of Yuppies
17. Jamie Danielle Munro
Jamie Munro is the Co-Founder of Couple of Yuppies, and is also responsible for the video content creation of the site. She is a Trend Hunter graduate, avid beer-drinker and lover of all things... [Full Bio]

Vibrant Bandage Branding - Bandiful Breaks the Mould for Plaster Packaging
Vintage Nut Branding - Parker & Paisley Brand with an Old-School Look
Floral Skin Product Packaging - The Kahuna Skin and Haircare is Perfect for Surfers

Personal Site: coupleofyuppies
• 2647 Trends
• 2599 Published

Rahul Kalvapalle
18. Rahul Kalvapalle
I was born in India and grew up there and in various Middle Eastern countries. I moved to Canada by myself at age 18 to enroll in Carleton University as an international student. I got an undergrad... [Full Bio]

Shower-Friendly Speakers - The Divoom Airbeat-10 is Splash-Proof and Versatile
Poignant Palestinian Films - 'A Psychological State' Depicts a Palestinian Man Dealing With His Past
40 Ways Radio is Changing - From Change-Maker Radio Shows to Rolling Radios

Personal Site: rahulkalvapalle
• 2628 Trends
• 2545 Published

Technology / Academia
• 2389 Trends
• 2201 Published

Michael Hemsworth
Research Expert
20. Michael Hemsworth
I've got a passion for everything modern and innovative ranging from tech advancements to architectural achievements. When I'm not scouring the net for the latest updates, I'm riding my bike to meet... [Full Bio]

Blood-Sucking Video Games - Blood Sport Collects Your Blood for Every Hit You Take
Utilitarian Holiday Decorations - The Tactical Holiday Stocking Makes Sure You're Prepared For Gifts
Cartoon-Inspired Minivans - The SpongeBob Toyota Sienna is Fanatically Designed and Awesome

Personal Site: mhemsworth
• 2197 Trends
• 2126 Published

• 2615 Trends
• 1973 Published

Jaime Neely
Editor, Educational Curator, Brand Manager of
24. Jaime Neely
My adventure at Trend Hunter began immediately after I graduated from McGill University when I became an intern for four months during the summer of 2011. After the internship ended I was hired on... [Full Bio]

Top 55 Social Media Ideas in December - From Secure Login Apps to Internet Mentoring Novels
Top 80 Unique Ideas in December - From Brain-Covered Biscuits to LEGO Strip Club Sets
Top 70 Social Good Ideas in December - From world Hunger Photoshoots to Feminine Mustache Ads
• 2008 Trends
• 1942 Published