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I started as a Social Media/Journalism Intern. Now I'm a Contributing Editor, which means I get to pursue my passion for writing and find weird stuff on the interwebz. I love people, dancing and Wes Anderson movies.

What is unique that's not in your bio?
Tea time is my favorite time. I'm also into lattes and sunrises. And I could eat cheeseburgers any time.
What's your favorite accomplishment?
I'm proud of moving to a new city after graduating university to Live The Dream.
How do you define cool?
Cool is innovative, weird, attention-grabbing and something I want to tell people about.
What is your secret to uncovering trends?
The key is having good sources that you stalk constantly for updates.
What do you enjoy most about Trend Hunter?
I love the team culture, always being informed and learning about new things.
What is your favorite trend?
Socially Conscious Sweat Machines--an invention that turns sweat into clean drinking water.
What are your tips for writing a juicy post?
Use lots of pictures and lots of keywords.
How do you reset to be creative?
Caffeine, long walks, dance parties and voracious reading.
What inspires or excites you?
I am inspired by other people taking action and making the world a better place. Being a part of a community, building with others and trying new things are also important. Vanilla Ice said it best when he instructed us, "Stop, collaborate and listen."
Predict something awesome for 2020?
In 2020 charities will start businesses instead of the other way around.

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