From Urban Farmer Editorials to Flamboyant Farmer Fashions

By: Tana Makmanee - Published:
While rural apparel and countryside looks may seem like an outdated sense of style, these dapper farmer looks for men are showcasing how conservative clothes can still have a sleek and edgy appeal.

Farmer fashion designs are often associated with what workers wear out in the fields and rural areas, often including a variety of iconic clothing pieces such as straw hats, overalls and flannel shirts. Modern menswear designs however, have creatively incorporated these classic farmer looks into mainstream runway designs, creating a wonderful fusion of chic countryside apparel. Drawing inspiration from all sorts of conservative aspects such as Amish apparel and classic lumberjacks, these unique farmer looks for men are striking a creative balance between rural appeal and modern design.

From Amish-inspired streetwear to urban farmer looks, these menswear styles are showcasing that sophisticated style can come from the most unlikely of places.