80 Super Sensory Innovations
Photos of 80 Super Sensory Innovations (Via: Full Article)

80 Super Sensory Innovations Photos

Sensors are such a vital part of our tech-savy society that I do not think we would be able to revert back to a life without them if they stopped working for some reason. Without all of the sensory innovations…[More]

From Emotion Sensor Seats to Package Tracking Sensors 1

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Air Conditioning Drink Coolers

1 Air Conditioning Drink Coolers

Child-Tracking Smartbands

2 Child-Tracking Smartbands

Robotic Soccer Tournaments

3 Robotic Soccer Tournaments

3D Selfie Apps

4 3D Selfie Apps

WiFi Signal Photography

5 WiFi Signal Photography

Music Swing Sets

6 Music Swing Sets