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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Keynotes - Speeches by Steve Jobs are extremely reflective of the man he was, both in terms of his character... Need Inspiration?

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In this inspiring Steve Jobs marketing keynote, the visionary discusses the fundamentals of marketing. He begins by stating that, "marketing is all about values." In this complicated and noisy world, brands have to be extremely clear about what it is they want to be remembered for.

He explains how even the greatest brands in the world from Apple to Nike all require a great deal of investment and care if they are to retain their relevance and vitality. He argues that the best way for a brand to do this is to avoid comparing itself to another brand. It is crucial to focus on its core values and what it really stands for.

He uses Nike as an example because it never actually discusses its products in its advertisements, it uses great athletes to portray what it stands for.

Jobs believes that a brand should always come back to its core values.