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Ivan Oransky

Ivan Oransky Keynotes - The keynotes by Ivan Oransky bring to attention the over-medicalizing nature of health care systems,... Need Inspiration?

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This medical keynote speech from Ivan Oransky proposes that American society today is over-medicalized, and often, for treatments from which people really are not suffering. Pre-conditions are beginning to dominate the health care industry, resulting in over-prescribing and outrageous amounts of money being spent every year.

He argues that individuals today are not dying because of the conditions or pre-conditions they have, but because of the way they are being treated. Nearly everything in society today has become medicalized, especially for women. As a result of this, everyone on the planet is suffering from a condition called 'pre-death.' This condition is the result of a poorly organized and uncontrollable health care system in which doctors are faced with incentives to prescribe and treat anything. As a result, individuals are developing actual conditions, which unfortunately, could have been avoided.