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Abraham Verghese

Abraham Verghese Keynotes - Abraham Verghese's presentations solidify his compassionate medical career. He currently works with... Need Inspiration?

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Today's doctor-patient relationship is the focus of this Abraham Verghese speech. The doctor and bestselling author believes that modern medicine overlooks the importance of listening to and engaging with a patient. He sees many flaws in today's medical practices, including doctors' reliance on technology, tests and machines to make a diagnosis.

His speech examines old-fashioned methods of diagnosing a patient and the ways doctors would determine what surgery a patient would undergo or the type of treatment that would be received. He concludes that the patient today is far too excluded from these processes, often resulting in a faulty diagnosis or even death.

Verghese believes in the power of human touch in modern medicine; he believes that the power of the hand to treat, comfort, diagnose and touch will be one of the greatest innovations to occur in medicine over the next twenty-five years. His speech provides eye-opening observations on the ways the medicine has changed over the last 100 years.