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Bill Davenhall

Bill Davenhall Keynotes - Keynotes by Bill Davenhall focus on how geographic information can be linked to an individual's... Need Inspiration?

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Bill Davenhall, the leader of the health and human services team at the world's largest geographic software development company Esri, shares the story of his heart attack and explores how our geographic information benefits our overall health. Where we live directly affects how healthy we are. Davenhall explains how genetics, lifestyle and environment all contribute to our overall health, stating that no factor should be overlooked when it comes to medicine. This informative keynote speech discusses Davenhall's experiences breathing in toxins early in his youth, during middle age and in his later years. Doctors seldom examine an individual's place history in relation to their health. The speaker urges doctors and researchers to use place history assessments as an important tool that can benefit us and others in the long run.