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David Eagleman

David Eagleman Keynotes - As a neuroscientist at the Baylor College of Medicine, one might think that presentations by David... Need Inspiration?

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In this speech, neuroscientist and bestselling author David Eagleman discusses three reasons why the Internet will play a significant role in ensuring the survival of civilization. David Eagleman strongly believes in the power of the Internet to help manage a potential outbreak or pandemic.

The first reason for which David Eagleman is so positive about the Internet's role in an outbreak is that it gives individuals the ability work remotely. Working from home inhibits the transmission of a disease because of a lack of human to human interaction. The second reason for which the Internet is the key to survival is because of a concept David Eagleman calls telemedicine. The Internet enables diagnosis from a different location, which in turn prevents large numbers of infected people congregating in the same place. Lastly, David Eagleman argues that the Internet will make tracking the flu much easier, enabling doctors and the government to take action more quickly and effectively.