Jack Choi

Jack Choi Keynotes - The Jack W. Choi keynotes examine new health care technologies and endeavors on the medical...

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Dr. Jack Choi is the CEO of Anatomage Inc., the company behind the exciting new technology he demonstrates in this talk that could revolutionize the medical school experience for students, doctors and patients.

Dr. Jack Choi provides a hands-on demonstration of the Anatomage technology, a life-size, multi-touch screen of the human body. The stretcher-sized screen has various cuts through which the student can view the anatomy, and includes all internal structures of the body. The unique program even allows the user to view the body without skin, as to view the internal organs, and can view a cross-sliced view of each organ individually. Unlike in real surgery, there is an undo button. This exciting new tech tool will surely revolutionize anatomy education.