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Lucien Engelen

Lucien Engelen Keynotes - The keynotes by Lucian Engelen reflect his relentless passion for the healthcare industry. Engelen... Need Inspiration?

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Being able to use a smartphone to locate the closest AED -- an automated external defibrillator -- is the focus of this Lucien Engelen Keynote. The innovator comments on the fact that the majority of individuals living in a city know where the closest ATM or gas station is, but if they were asked to locate the closest AED, they would be unsuccessful.

Throughout his brief presentation, Engelen explains how he is using smartphones and the Internet to enable individuals in the Netherlands to submit the locations of AEDs. Playing a short film for the audience that depicts a woman dying because she was unable to have access to an AED, Engelen shows how so many people die simply because they didn't know where the closest AED was. This speech spotlights the power of crowdsourcing in modern medicine.