Lenore Skenazy

Lenore Skenazy Keynotes - Presentations by Lenore Skenazy are as controversial and intriguing as the columnist herself....

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Lenore Skenazy is an American journalist credited with coining the phrase "free range kids" after revealing her decision to allow her 9-year-old son to take the New York City subway on his own in a column. Skenazy is now the host of the reality television program 'World's Worst Mom,' which goes under the alternative title of 'Bubble Wrap Kids' in Canada.

Lenore Skenazy believes that a fundamental portion of child development takes place when parents are not present and children have the freedom to interact with their peers, creating games and entertaining themselves. In this talk, Skenazy discusses the incessant fear from parents of letting their children out of their sight for mere minutes.