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Michael Gelb

Michael Gelb Keynotes - The Michael Gelb keynotes focus on ways to achieve success. Gelb is a pioneer in the fields of... Need Inspiration?

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'How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci' author Michael Gelb shares his seven steps to success. The speaker explains how experts often fail to share their knowledge with others, highlighting how one's skills are often difficult to teach or translate to others willing to learn them. After countless years of studying the life and works of Da Vinci, the author encourages individuals to awaken their curiosity by embracing their inner child.

While adults and experts make a habit of complicating the simplicity and spontaneity of certain activities, a child's curiosity exudes freedom. While adults get caught up in the rules and logistics of tasks, children are unafraid of failure or embarrassment, often using trial and error to showcase their persistence and strong will.

Embracing energy and playfulness leads to balance and the understanding that everything around us connects. This belief allows us to be the masters of anything we set out to do, fueling our curiosity to learn.