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Brian Carter

Brian Carter Keynotes - Marketing in a business world that is becoming more and more dominated social media is the topic of... Need Inspiration?

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Brian Carter's Internet marketing speech discusses his strategy for winning big when it comes to Facebook marketing and advertising. As he points out, there are over 650 million people on Facebook, with 150 million of those users living in the United States. Since 2010, Facebook has received more page views than Google, making it the biggest opportunities for businesses. Businesses are expected to spend $2 billion dollars on Facebook advertising this year.

Carter then provides a breakdown of the types and strategies of marketing on Facebook and Google. Ads are found on Google based on searched keywords, whereas "likes" play a more influential role on Facebook. Facebook's ad targeting methods are based on demographic, pyschographic and geographic factors.

Brian Carter's Internet marketing speech emphasizes the opportunity for businesses to sell dreams and experiences on Facebook, and not just products.