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Michael Anti

Michael Anti Keynotes - The Michael Anti speeches focus on the important role that the Internet plays in China, as well as... Need Inspiration?

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Michael Anti's Internet keynote is a fascinating exploration of the use of Internet in China. While Facebook, the world's largest social networking platform is banned in China, its citizens are still extremely active on the Internet. This Internet keynote dismisses the idea that no one in China has access to the Internet. As Anti remarks in his speech, it is important to know all sides of the story.

China is home to over 300 million bloggers. While Americans and Europeans use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to interact with others online, the Chinese are using equivalents to these platforms that are exclusive to their country.

Anti explains how the huge number of Internet users in China is in fact empowering its citizens and enabling self-expression, despite the government's efforts to hinder access to the outside world and its different opinions and threatening information. This Internet keynote is particularly fascinating for anyone interested in China, politics or social media.