Emily Pilloton

Emily Pilloton Keynotes - Emily Pilloton's keynotes are a reflection of her keen interest in not-for-profit charity work,...

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The ability to bring social change through the reconstruction of public spaces is supported in this Emily Pilloton motivational speech.

As the founder of Project H Design, the architect and product designer focuses on rebuilding communities and public education from the inside out, which she explains at length in her discussion. Her mantra is founded on several basic principles that she says are vital to the improvement and eventual empowerment of communities in need and will lead to impact on not only a local, but also a global scale.

By focusing on a collaborative process, appropriate solutions will present themselves based on the expressed needs of those who are being catered to. Rather than creating curricula and structures that fit what the designers believe will be beneficial, using the client as a resource ensures that the work being done will truly provide the basis for a life-altering revival of social and physical structure of a society.