Lynda Weinman

Lynda Weinman Keynotes - The Lynda Weinman keynotes instruct her audience how to learn more effectively. As a self-taught... Need Inspiration?

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Lynda Weinman is a pioneer in Web graphics and design and wrote the first book in the field in 1995 titled 'Designing Web Graphics.' Drawing on these experiences and many others from her exciting career, she offers the audience an inspiring speech that demonstrates why a formal education isn't required in order for someone to create something great, memorable and influential.

More specifically, Weinman argues that one does not need an MBA to create an innovative business plan. As a successful, self-taught entrepreneur, Weinman shares her opinion in achieving one's goals, which focus on not letting the intimidating reputation of degrees go to your head. She explains how she was able to benefit in a number of different ways by teaching herself the skills she has applied in her successful career.