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roger martin Keynotes - The Roger Martin speeches express his preoccupation with corporate culture. Martin breaks down the... Need Inspiration?

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This creative keynote by Roger Martin addresses the question of how to get on a career path to become a design thinker. Before delving into his explanation, he simply states that one must learn how to nurture originality, which takes practice.

The business guru feels that organizations are guilty of encouraging people to deepen a mastery of a limited number of skills and qualities. As a result, this will create a lack of originality among individuals.

Roger's creative keynote ends by recommending a reasonable way to combat this from happening. He challenges people to do something original on a daily basis. He uses an example of a customer service manager who normally calls people; he recommends that the individual should go to the customer's house for a conversation instead. It's all about trying something different and learning from it.