Linda Rottenberg

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As a pioneer in the field of high-impact entrepreneurship, Endeavor co-founder Linda Rottenberg shares tips in this creative startups keynote. Rottenberg addresses new entrepreneurs, helping them to grow their businesses to make the maximum impact. Believing that entrepreneurship is a series of hurdles, Rottenberg states that if nobody around you is calling you crazy, then you are not thinking big enough. Entrepreneurs need to realize that thinking big does not mean abandoning your roots, with an example in the brother-sister team behind Hiref Design.

Rottenberg describes how businesses and entrepreneurs can balance its artistic vision while maintaining its bottom line while going to scale. The example provided by Rottenberg for the possibilities of this juggling act is the Endeavor company through the Colombian start-up Dynamo.

Finally, Rottenberg concludes this creative startups keynote by stating it is about making things happen and it is never supposed to be easy being a pioneer.