Edgar Papke

Edgar Papke Keynotes - The content covered in Edgar Papke's keynotes reflect his experience from a career dedicated to...

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In this business as art keynote, Edgar Papke demonstrates how the most advance art form that people practice is business. In a capitalist society, business is at the forefront of everything people do. Business drives people, it impacts them and in some ways defines how an individual perceives themselves. Every creative idea winds up in some way or another in business.

Papke defines creativity as the expression of human need and desire and that there are three ways that people go out to satisfy those needs and desires. Through competition, community and caring, people are constantly striving to have their needs and desires met. Leaders and companies should always be asking themselves, "how [they are] providing healthy competition, community and caring" to those who turn to them for guidance and inspiration, and how do they emit that positive change onto the world.