Bill Capodagli

Bill Capodagli Keynotes - Keynotes by Bill Capodagli focus on the need to approach customers or "guests" with positive energy... Need Inspiration?

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Bill Capodagli is a consultant and author who strongly believes in the power of light-heartedness and imagination in business. This speech highlights how applying these to your company can strengthen energy and propel a variety of innovative processes.

Bill Capodagli goes on to discuss the importance of an enjoyable professional atmosphere. He argues that happy employees will be more likely to interact with customers in a cheerful manner. Capodagli takes it a step further, encouraging the audience to never refer to a customer as such, but rather, as a guest in your own home. By taking this approach, businesses can create a much stronger and more genuine relationship with customers. Customers will likely return to those individuals with whom they were able to make a connection.