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Enthralled by fashion, lifestyle, design and high end luxury products, Gaelle is a Strategic Brand Planner in New York and a trendy fashionista at heart. To her, trends are fascinating. They are tendencies, inclinations, in style or en vogue. They are obscure yet something to talk about. They are powerful yet usually of short lifetime. According to Gaelle, in order to guess them, you need to feel them. What will be the next one? You always have to be a step-forward, letting your vision, guts, instinct take over your intellect and rationale. It's a matter of feeling, experience, vision and understanding. It's a matter of finding out which direction the next little breeze will blow. Trends start small and become big. Trends are a passion. Some people like to do sports, dance, cook, she likes them all, but what she prefers the most is to run after the next trends. As she says: We play a game. We play a famous game called:? Hide and Seek?!

Her professional career shows a continuous and progressive history of initiative at her work place while her previous experiences have been more focused in the fashion world, in the marketing and PR departments of Harry Winston, Montblanc & Maybach, as well as at the DDB Bern agency in Switzerland, which specialized in entertainment and fashion brands. Today, Gaelle is contributing to both the Trendhunter and the Adcult Magazine.

Her expertise of the French, English, Italian and German (if refreshed) languages can enable her to play within the international scene without the barriers of the communication and track trends in dynamic markets.