Toya is a Zuree Doll That Speaks in Jamaican Patois

 - Jan 17, 2017
References: zuree
Zuree dolls are a line of children's dolls created by Saffron Jackson, an entrepreneur living in the UK. What separates Zuree dolls from other options on the market is that they come in different shades of black, helping increase the visibility of black culture among the toys that children use daily.

The first Zuree doll released is named Toya. Toya is a Jamaican doll, and she even speaks in Patois -- the first ever doll to do so, according to the Zuree website. Toya's backstory is that she has recently emigrated from Jamaica to the UK. She "loves her Caribbean island very much and shares her love of her culture through her speech.

The Toya Zuree doll is only the first from the company, with more dolls representing other black cultures soon to come.