Joao Loureiro Creates Large Zoo Animal Scluptures out of Foam

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: & mymodernmet
Artist Joao Loureiro creates fantastic zoo animal sculptures out of foam, resulting in some seriously cushy artworks. The name of this delightful exhibit is 'Zootechnical.' Loureiro puts these exotic animals together by layering thick gray pads of foam on top of one another, and carving them up to resemble elephants, rhinos and other critters.

These soft sculptures actually appear to be made to scale, so observers can now stand next to a full sized elephant without any risk (which is pretty cool). Loureiro doesn't just focus on larger animals in this exhibit. She also includes smaller creatures like pigs, donkeys and even mice.

Since the artist uses foam for her sculptures, they appear to be almost pixelated. This interesting element makes up for the lack of detail featured in these pieces. This zoo animal sculpture exhibit pays tribute to creatures big and small in an unusual way.