Tully's Zombie Unicorn is a Frighteningly Good Work of Art

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: cghub & boingboing.net
Artist Tully has created an incredible sculpture of a zombie unicorn that beautifully merges the horror and fantasy genres

Looking like something the horseman Death would ride when ushering in the apocalypse, this majestic steed still appears graceful even though it is rotting. Using doll hair for its main, Tully not only sculpted this decaying creature but painted it as well. If you're wondering why anyone would make a zombie unicorn sculpture, I believe the creator of this piece says it best, "cause why the heck not?".

As a guy, it can be difficult to admit unicorns are cool, but Tully's zombie unicorn suffers from no such problem. Don't expect to see this zombie unicorn on The Walking Dead though, but do expect to see it your nightmares.