Zim and Zou 'Back to Basics' Visits the Past to Create Nostalgic Art

 - Jul 10, 2011
References: zimandzou.fr & thisiscolossal
I've seen a lot of papercrafts, but the Zim and Zou 'Back to Basics' series is the only one that really brings back fond memories of life before social media ruled.

The Zim and Zou 'Back to Basics' is a series of brightly neon colored crafts by designers Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann. You'll immediately recognize that all the objects they've created are retro, throwback items you probably still have in the house lying in the attic somewhere. They've created an old-school Nintendo controller, an actual Polaroid camera, the awesome bricklike cellphones that Gordon Gekko would be proud of and a floppy disk (you know, before USBs).

All of the papercrafts have been meticulously cut and formed by hand, which makes you truly appreciate the craftsmanship behind the 'Back to Basics' series.