The Zen Bedroom from Studio Oink is Serenely Fashionable

 - May 27, 2013
References: & swiss-miss
The Zen Bedroom from Studio Oink has created the perfect bedroom design for people wanting a peaceful space in which to collect their thoughts. Since bedrooms are meant to be relaxing personal spaces used to unwind after a long hard day, a peaceful uncluttered bedroom is extremely important.

Studio Oink's Zen Bedroom is almost completely white: white storage spaces, white walls, white curtains and white sheets. However the whiteness doesn't evoke a hospital atmosphere. It actually calms and soothes. The Zen Bedroom's decor is also minimalist using under-bed storage and one sleek armoire to fill out the room.

Overall, the Zen Bedroom gives a homey feeling. With its minimalist design and monochromatic color palette, this bedroom is the perfect place for relaxing and just having some time to yourself.