NHL Zamboni Resurfacer To Be Replaced by Greener IceCats

 - Jan 5, 2009
References: icecat.info & blog.wired
The National Hockey League says it’s time for the Zamboni ice resurfacer to go up in flames. In Toronto alone, 60 Zamboinis cover 2,000 miles a year, and the city wants a cleaner technology. Roll out the electric IceCat.

The Finnish IceCats cost twice as much as the Zamboni, therefore there are only four running in Canada.

Driving a Zamboni is every hockey fan’s secret dream. The web is full of stories about fans going to extremes when given the opportunity to ride a Zamboni. On New Year’s Eve, a man was arrested for breaking into a rink in Maine just to take a spin around the ice - on the Zamboni.

How will the demand be for riding the eco UKKO IceCats?