Zacharie Gaudrillot-Roy's 'Façades' Gets Beneath the Surface

'Façades' is a series of photographs by French photographer Zacarie Gaudrillot-Roy. The photographer attempts to imagine a world where buildings are stripped of their "buildings" with nothing but their surface left.

Zacarie isolates the surfaces of buildings and photographs the hauntingly incomplete images. The facades look like icing if it was removed from its cake.

According to the artist, the facade of a building is "the first thing we see... it can be impressive, superficial or safe."

The photographs explore a world in which first impressions and surfaces are all there is. There is nothing to discover beneath. Essentially it's what we'd see if in a holiday photograph, there was only the outside of the building. But why is the outside more important than the inside?

The same can be said about people. We are all more than what is on the surface.