Ball-Nogues Studio's Yucca Crater is Meant to be Climbed

One thing that deserts and other desolate landscapes are missing are man-made oasis creations like the Yucca Crater. If all such places had playful and artistic refuges like this cavernous pool, people would surely be more enticed to visit them. That said, any location could made better by such a stunning installation as this one.

Created by Ball-Nogues Studio, the same design firm that brought us the American Apparel Built to Wear sculpture and the metal hammock-like Cradle, the Yucca Crater installation falls in line with their pension for using recycled, eco-friendly materials. In this case, Yucca Crater is a by-product of their last sculpture titled Talus Dome, using its artistic waste to create another creative endeavor.

The Yucca Crater will be located in the Mojave Desert.